Trailer of All About The Afterglow

Watch the trailer of All About The Afterglow :

Nathan Champion, lead role in the movie All About The Afterglow

Along with David Foy Bauer and Melissa Lawlor, Nathan Champion is the lead role in All About The Afterglow.

A road trip movie

Written and directed by Jonny Walls, All About The Afterglow is an upcoming indie feature film about time and nostalgia. The storyline of the movie is : “When Clive and Ernest, two soon-to-be stepbrothers, embark on a road-trip up the California coast to attend their parents’ wedding, they encounter a series of unexpected detours, eccentric characters, and peculiar adventures that cause them to rethink the trip, their parents’ union, and their own lives.”.

Behind the scenes

See some behind the scenes of All About The Afterglow, with actors Melissa Lawlor and Sara Malakul Lane.